Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kissing Frogs

Spring is in the air
I see you took my dare

You looked at this blog
You kissed the frog

Did a prince I become?
Or a princess too?

Did true love bloom?
Did I make you swoon?

Simple rhymes are all I do
I can not solve your problems for you
I can not remove the pain of your day
I can only breath kind words your way

A little reprieve from the bustling world
Where perfection has a choke hold
And threatens to squeeze the life from us
With impending doom of no success

But really now...what is the worst
If we all lost our jobs and our pride was hurt
If we have good health and the ones that we love
And an after life with the One from above

So...look around you this sunny day
Spring has sprung and chased away the gray.
Love is in bloom and royalty are we
Kissing frogs and swooning gently.
-Sunshine Mama-


  1. Hehe - you said "swoon!"
    What a great test word!

  2. 任何你憂慮的事,你都應該去採取一點行動,不要只是在那邊想..................................................