Thursday, August 12, 2010


Inspiration is the power
You feel inside you
Each of us has it
Shining in you
It picks us up
When we're feeling down
Its points us the way
When waves threaten to drown
When life tries to take
Our dreams away
Inspiration in you
Gives you strength...
To try another day.
Sunshine Mama

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Twelve Week Visit

The birds are chirping
A breeze is blowing
The sun is setting
And I feel like dozing
Why did you come
To visit today?
I'll pull up a chair
So you can stay
Chat with me for a bit
Tell me how your day went
Did it go well?
Did you feel alright?
Did the sun shine outside
With all of it's might?
Were the coworkers cordial?
Did your kids obey?
Did your husband or wife
Kiss you today?
Did you pray to God
In thanks for today?
That you're alive and well
And able to play?
That's good to know
More about you...
I'm glad you stopped
To see how I do...
Oh, how do I do?
Is that what you say?
Well, I heard my baby's
heartbeat today.
Beating softly
in quick little beats
The sound of life
At only twelve weeks
Moving and turning
That's what she said
The baby was doing
In it's watery bed
Having fun inside of me
Showing me how I should be.
-Sunshine Mama-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kissing Frogs

Spring is in the air
I see you took my dare

You looked at this blog
You kissed the frog

Did a prince I become?
Or a princess too?

Did true love bloom?
Did I make you swoon?

Simple rhymes are all I do
I can not solve your problems for you
I can not remove the pain of your day
I can only breath kind words your way

A little reprieve from the bustling world
Where perfection has a choke hold
And threatens to squeeze the life from us
With impending doom of no success

But really now...what is the worst
If we all lost our jobs and our pride was hurt
If we have good health and the ones that we love
And an after life with the One from above

So...look around you this sunny day
Spring has sprung and chased away the gray.
Love is in bloom and royalty are we
Kissing frogs and swooning gently.
-Sunshine Mama-

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Can You Be Happy

How can you be happy
When really you're sad?
How can you be down
When really you're glad?
How can you be both
When you're only one?
How can your afflictions
You overcome?
How do you fight
When your arms are weak?
How do you instruct
When it hurts to speak?
How do push
That extra mile?
When it's hard to push
Your lips to a smile?
If you cry with me
I'll cry with you
Maybe together
This thing we'll get through
Maybe this day
Even though tough
Needs only a hug
To get through this stuff
If you get my back
I'll take yours
We'll do it together
That's what a friend's for
And tomorrow when comes
The bright shining sun
We'll lift each one up
And make that day fun.
-Sunshine Mama-

Friday, August 21, 2009

What If I Wrote

What if I wrote
a poem for you?
A poem that only
spoke the truth
It not only rhymed
but spoke softly
Of the little things
that I see?
The little things
that irk my mind,
The little things that
are unkind
The little things
that really say
The kind of things
that are hard to say
What if I rhymed
with intent in mind
to capture the feelings
in my mind
Maybe you'd like it,
then maybe not
I think it's more fun
to play blogspot
To rhyme in code
with words that play
Safely away
from the fray.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Master's Been Thinking..

My master's been thinking
A lot about her blogs
Wondering if
She's only kissing frogs
Thinking about what she did before
Trying to recall
The view before
she opened up this door.
A door to a different world
Where faces are unseen
Only snapshots here and there
Capture what you mean
Words written
where only few are read
Words written
that sometimes ease your head.
Then when we leave this land
to live in all our strife
Are we better at
dealing with our life?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Know I Should

I know I should, I've felt I could
Say some words to you
To welcome you to thank you
For seeing how I do
Even when told not to.
But that's ok that you came
To see me at this site
I'm amusing and polite
The kind of friend you'd like.
I won't cuss or gossip
To try and get you down
I won't even talk of death
Cause that would make you frown
I'll only say the witty things
The kinds of things you'd like
The kind of things my master thinks
Need a little insight.