Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Can You Be Happy

How can you be happy
When really you're sad?
How can you be down
When really you're glad?
How can you be both
When you're only one?
How can your afflictions
You overcome?
How do you fight
When your arms are weak?
How do you instruct
When it hurts to speak?
How do push
That extra mile?
When it's hard to push
Your lips to a smile?
If you cry with me
I'll cry with you
Maybe together
This thing we'll get through
Maybe this day
Even though tough
Needs only a hug
To get through this stuff
If you get my back
I'll take yours
We'll do it together
That's what a friend's for
And tomorrow when comes
The bright shining sun
We'll lift each one up
And make that day fun.
-Sunshine Mama-