Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quiet Here

The words of my master
Have been quiet here
Lying still
But lying near
They are never far
Never out of reach
Only a thought
Allows them to teach
Teach you ask
What can they say?
How can a test blog
Talk this way?
It speaks the words
Its master writes
And written words
Bring forth life
And since life is born
within the pen
A test blog's words
Can live like men.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Words Of My Master

The words of my master
Ring through her ears
The words she hears
rhyme without fear
They rattle and chase
about in her head
They jump and dance
And beg to be said
Speak they say
Say me out loud
Shout if you must
Your words draw a crowd
"Not really", I say
"No one will read...
The words of a test blog
No one will heed.
You must say
Something more wild
You must speak
the words of a child."
Still these words
Won't leave her be
Until her sleep
Helps her to flee.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can A Test Blog Be Lonely

Can a test blog be lonely
If a test blog can't see?
Can a test blog speak out
If it's imaginary?
Can a test blog hear
If it was never given ears?
Can a test blog feel pain
Can a test blog have fears?
I suppose that it could
If eyes it were given
It could even speak
If words were written
It could even hear
If comments could count
And pain it might feel
If if were real, no doubt.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here's A Little Rhyme

Here's a little rhyme
Because I'm out of time
And I need to find
Something that rhymes
Today was as full
As a Monday will go
As full as a test blog
likes to go
Tried a few new
Cute little backgrounds
The one I'm wearing now
Is what I found
What do you think
How do you like it?
How does it look?
How does it fit?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm A Blog About Nothing

I'm a blog about nothing
Nothing at all
Only an outlet
To rhyme and fall
A place to stumble
Over my words
A place to fumble
And reach to be heard
Test blogs are like that
Ya know...
They're only half done
They're not ready
To show
So you get to see
How it would be
Without the veil
Making me pretty
You get to see
Many dry runs
Which for me
Is what I call fun.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Was Waiting For You

I must admit what's true
I was waiting for you
Waiting to see if you'd come
When told not to
I am a test blog
Testing out what's true
And it's interesting to see
How a blogger will be
But what is very true
Is that I was never meant to be
I was never meant to speak
I was never meant to see
I was only meant for practice
Practice for reality.
That is why I can say
I don't exist today

Friday, July 17, 2009

I See You've Looked Again

I see you've looked again
wondering about me
wondering why a test blog
would speak so freely
Well, here's the answer now
And I've told you this before
It doesn't matter what I say
These words will never soar.
They'll never reach the sky
Or touch a person's heart
Because a test blog isn't real
It's just a false start.
I was never meant to be
When she created me
But that is why
I can speak so free
I'm not suppose to be
A certain way today
You don't expect the world from me
You don't even have to stay
I'm only in your mind
Something you can't see
I don't exist
I'm imaginary.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why did you Look?

Why did you look?
What did you hope to see?
Was it just a simple case
of curiosity?
There's really nothing here
As you soon will tell
I'm just a test blog
Just a wishing well
Sometimes you'll see my words
That my owner writes
And other times a new background
That she kind of likes
She likes this place to be
A secluded little place
Where she can try a different dress
Without the mess it makes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Told You Not To Look..

I told you not to look,
but I see that's what you've done
I'm just a test blog
Only half done.
I was never meant to be
I was never meant to talk,
You're a lot better off
If you'd go for a walk.
But now that you're here,
What can I say...
I'm only around
For my owner to play.
She plays with words
And works on her wit...
And then when she's done...
that's it.