Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Words Of My Master

The words of my master
Ring through her ears
The words she hears
rhyme without fear
They rattle and chase
about in her head
They jump and dance
And beg to be said
Speak they say
Say me out loud
Shout if you must
Your words draw a crowd
"Not really", I say
"No one will read...
The words of a test blog
No one will heed.
You must say
Something more wild
You must speak
the words of a child."
Still these words
Won't leave her be
Until her sleep
Helps her to flee.


  1. I looked. I am a wonderer, so I wondered. I often wonder who, if anyone reads my blog and then I hear from nice people like you, and I am told by those who choose to read but not comment, that they look forward to my words and pictures. Keep on going! If it matters to matters. Carol

  2. Thanks, Carol. You are such an encouragement.