Friday, July 17, 2009

I See You've Looked Again

I see you've looked again
wondering about me
wondering why a test blog
would speak so freely
Well, here's the answer now
And I've told you this before
It doesn't matter what I say
These words will never soar.
They'll never reach the sky
Or touch a person's heart
Because a test blog isn't real
It's just a false start.
I was never meant to be
When she created me
But that is why
I can speak so free
I'm not suppose to be
A certain way today
You don't expect the world from me
You don't even have to stay
I'm only in your mind
Something you can't see
I don't exist
I'm imaginary.


  1. hmm. if you do not exist then is this comment a figment of my imagination? ;)

  2. Are you talking to me?
    I feel like you are talking to me or someone I once knew.
    Or is THAT in my imagination?