Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Twelve Week Visit

The birds are chirping
A breeze is blowing
The sun is setting
And I feel like dozing
Why did you come
To visit today?
I'll pull up a chair
So you can stay
Chat with me for a bit
Tell me how your day went
Did it go well?
Did you feel alright?
Did the sun shine outside
With all of it's might?
Were the coworkers cordial?
Did your kids obey?
Did your husband or wife
Kiss you today?
Did you pray to God
In thanks for today?
That you're alive and well
And able to play?
That's good to know
More about you...
I'm glad you stopped
To see how I do...
Oh, how do I do?
Is that what you say?
Well, I heard my baby's
heartbeat today.
Beating softly
in quick little beats
The sound of life
At only twelve weeks
Moving and turning
That's what she said
The baby was doing
In it's watery bed
Having fun inside of me
Showing me how I should be.
-Sunshine Mama-